Crops of Kosovo

Pristina Summer University 2005

Organised by the University of Pristina (Pristina, Kosovo) and ATA, the Academic Training Association (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

This course was held at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Pristina (Pristina, Kosovo) from 11 to 22 July 2005. Contributions as appearing on this web-page were given by the course participants and are based on lectures and farmer interviews during excursions. Statistical data cited were from the Statistical Office of Kosovo (SOK), Pristina and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome.

Local Professor: Dr. Salih Salihu (email:
Interpreter: Behlul Zeka
Logistic Officer: Bekim Baftija
Visiting Professor: Dr. Johann Vollmann (BOKU, Vienna, Austria, email: johann.vollmann [a]t